Mobile Patrol

Armours Security provides reliable, 24-hour mobile patrol solutions to construction sites, office buildings and industrial estates throughout the United Kingdom. Our mobile patrol officers will oversee the premises and equipment at irregular intervals and unspecified times.

Our highly trained and skilled uniform mobile security guards are equipped with two-way radios while being in constant contact with the official Armours Security Centre.  Armours Security teams can also work with security dogs and their handlers to provide extra security protection where needed.

Inspections can take place by our mobile patrol team at predetermined times or according to an irregular schedule and cover the following areas:

As part of the service we will also place Security Warning Signs around the premises which will also act as a deterrent.

Lock & Unlock Service
Our skilled mobile patrol officers can secure or unlock your premises at any time of the day or night. The service includes activating and deactivating any alarm systems your building or premises have. By hiring our lock and unlock service, you and your employees can rest assured in knowing that the office is secured

Benefits of Our Lock and Unlock Service:

  • We will complete a full lock-down of your premises after closing hours.
  • We will check windows, doors and fire exits.
  • We will make sure that your office is open for staff at the start of working hours.
Staff Escort Services

Lontech Security Ltd provides escort services that give your employees added security. Our trained mobile patrol officers will accompany your staff to their vehicles after securing the office or premises. we are also able to escort staff or valuable goods to unknown or hazardous locations if needed.

Vacant Property Inspection and Monitoring

Armours Security provides managed vacant property security services across the United Kingdom. Vacant properties are seen as an easy target by vandals, thieves, arsonists, squatters, disgruntled ex-employees and even children. Therefore, more and more insurances companies are requiring vacant property inspection and monitoring. This ensures that the building remains undamaged and the fittings intact.

Why Hire Our Vacant Property Inspection and Monitoring Service:

  • Landlords can rest assured knowing that their property investment is protected.
  • Property owners can avoid any delays associated with removing trespassers or fixing damaged property.
  • Clients will obtain a detailed surveillance report with photographic evidence.
  • Patrol officers are tracked by GPS and supported by our 24-hour Control Centre.
  • Customers will receive real-time assistance in case of emergencies such as if an intruder is detected.