Armours Security technologically-advanced CCTV camera installations and reliable monitoring solutions for commercial properties throughout the UK. CCTV cameras are an effective crime deterrent against burglars and thieves. Whether you require a single camera or a more complex system to cover a wider area, we can successfully install first-rate CCTV systems.

High-Tech CCTV Systems

We fit and supply the latest CCTV systems that are continually monitored by exceptional staff at the Armours Security Centre. As CCTV technology is ever improving, we are constantly seeking for innovative CCTV cameras that comply with our client's needs and concerns. Our systems can also be integrated with existing alarms and cameras at your premises.

Benefits of Our CCTV Solutions:

  • Reduce the cost of employing on-site security guards.
  • Improve safety and peace of mind for on-site staff.
  • Deter crime and increase rates of detection.
  • Reduce insurance premiums.
  • Receive an effective response to all alerts.
  • Secure a single, convenient point of contact for all your remote monitoring needs.

Reliable CCTV Monitoring

We provide effective remote monitoring systems that give clients peace of mind knowing that their property is safe and secure. Skilled operatives from our 24-hour national control centre are will monitor your CCTV cameras allowing us to respond to alerts quickly.